Between adventures, many Warriors come to the local temple to offer up prayers and sacrifice in thanks for the adventure just completed, and for aid in the next.

Who Can Visit the Temple?
There are no restrictions upon who can visit the Temple.

Payment and Prayers
Each Warrior who attends the temple may give 50 gold in sacrifice. He is then entitled to one roll on the following table. Note down the result on his Adventure Record sheet.

1-2 – The gods are not listening, and your Warrior’s pleas go unanswered.
3 – During any one turn in the next adventure, your Warrior’s Attacks are doubled.
4 – Your Warrior’s hand is guided by powers unseen. For any one Attack in the next adventure, he may add +3 to his to hit roll.
5 – Your Warrior may ignore the damage caused by any one Attack made against him in the next adventure, when the blow is mystically deflected at the last moment.
6 – Your Warrior may roll an extra 1D6 dice when rolling the damage for any one Attack in the next adventure.


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