Long-Distance Travel

Players may travel to far-off Settlements in order to get supplies and training unavailable in their area.

The type of Settlement dictates the travel time:

Village: 2 weeks
Town: 4 weeks
City: 6 weeks

Travel Modifiers
Note: Minimum travel time is 1 week.
Party is mounted on
- Mules/Carts: -1 week
- Horses: -2 week
Road/Guide/Druid: -1 week
Hustle/Forced March (multiple): -1 week, but each incurs +2 Misfortune (Attrition: Toughness).

Hustling/Forced Marching mounts is dangerous. For each Misfortune accrued, roll a die: On a ‘6’, the mount is useless (injured, lame, or dies).

Long-Distance Travel

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