Kingdom Status

As of Spring 2253.

Self-absorbed and largely unknown, your kingdom has negligible pull with anyone.Well-meaning but untrained small citizen militia composed of available hunters/trappers and Toorsmen.Grudging obedience with more resentment than initiative from your settlers and followers. A majority of your population is autonomous, with far more loyalty to their kin or employers. Except for homesteaders, most are here to get rich quick and then go back home.The kingdom is essentially a village and some small farms, with a tenuous hold on the surrounding area.Every level of the kingdom is visibly pitiful: worn-out tools, ragged clothing, spartan buildings, etc. The economy is primarily driven by the fur-trade and gold panning, with a small amount of farming, herding, and exotic logging. Taxation produces little income for the state due to the small amount of trade, and poor enforcement capabilities.
+ Rumors from Melianse
+ Rumors from Tiressia
+ Tavern
+ Swordlord Support
+ Toorsmen Patrols
+ Stag Lord’s Fort Ruins
+ Holiday: Wedding celebration (temp., ends in Spring)+ Bridge/Road/River Network
+ Relatively large area
+ Small gold mine/panning
+ Sir Allold
- Sir Allold
- Settler faction in-fighting
- Summary execution of Grigori
- Had to receive 2nd round of funding from the Swordlords

Raw Magic in Chasm
Temple of the Elk Ruins & Jhod Kavken
Melianse’s Tree
Nomen Centaur / Toorsmen Blood Debt
Bokken the Alchemist
Werewolf on the loose?
Girl who was rescued from the gemstone prison, and who is now the caretaker of the Sapling


PCsFey (Good)ForstropsIndy TradersLizardmenMik-Mek TribeNedyalko TimberOld BeldameOlegtonSigmaritesSwordlordsToorsmenTrading Houses
Fey (Good)ExcellentXNeutralPoorNeutralNeutralPoorNeutralNeutralNeutral?NeutralPoor
Indy TradersNeutralPoorNeutralXHostilePoorPoorHostileExcellentPoorNeutralNeutralPoor
Mik-Mek TribeExcellentNeutralNeutralPoorHostileXNeutralNeutralPoorPoorPoorPoorPoor
Nedyalko TimberNeutralPoorNeutralPoor?NeutralX?GoodNeutralGoodNeutralNeutral
Old BeldamePoorNeutral?HostileNeutralNeutral?X?Hostile???
Trading HousesPoorPoorNeutralPoor?PoorNeutral?GoodPoorGoodNeutralX


  • Independent Traders: were Good towards PCs, but disappointed with taxes and security
  • Lizardmen: PCs raided and sacked their village.
  • Mik-Mek Kobolds: were Good to PCs, now Friendly thanks to PCs’ diplomacy and improving relations between tribe and various Hammerzeit factions (which are still Poor but no longer Hostile)
  • Old Beldame: Just wants to be left alone, but most people think she kidnaps babies and eats them, lures hunters to their deaths, etc.
  • Olegton: was Friendly to PCs, now chillier because of Verbot’s ambitions and sale to Forstrops of land that is next to Olegton. Still, Oleg and Svetlana are grateful and value personal relationships over politics.
  • Sigmarites: were Good towards PCs, but disappointed with security and tensions with non-religious settlers
  • Swordlords: were Good towards PCs but reduced by concerns over funding and raids
  • Trading Companies: were Neutral towards PCs, but disappointed with taxes, security, and support

Settlement Options (Village: Stock check 1D6)

Alehouse, Animal Trader, Gambling Den, General Store.

Kingdom Status

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