Kingdom Status

As of Winter 2254.

Some people are vaguely aware of your state, but don’t pay it much attention. With little notoriety or networks, Hammerzeit might stumble on a fact now and then, or through sheer luck change the mind of someone noteworthy.The defense of Hammerzeit is left to a well-meaning, loyal, and motivated cadre of Toorsmen scouts, augmented by a militia drafted from hunters/trappers and your Forstrop allies. The three sources of troops – Toorsmen, militia, and Forstrops – are uncoordinated when working together.People grudgingly obey you, but most peoples’ loyalty is first to kin, then employers, religion, homeland, and then way down at the bottom, Hammerzeit. No one really thinks of themselves as a citizen of Hammerzeit, as most still believe they are only here temporarily.Essentially a village with outlying farms, the surrounding land rarely feels the presence of the Hammerzeit government. Thinly populated by people expecting to only be here temporarily, there is little investment in productivity.A struggling kingdom working very close to the margin, with little in the way of a fiscal safety net. Tax evasion is rampant. Most of the state’s revenue is derived from the kobold silver mine and from selling claims around the gold mine, and aggressive taxation of fur-trading. Access to credit is limited, although Sir Allold always manages to keep some option open.
+ Toorsmen Patrols
+ Stag Lord’s Fort Ruins
+ Forstrop Marriage
+ Bridge/Road/River Network

+ Loy Rezbin+ Relatively large area
+ Small gold mine/panning
+ Sir Allold
- Sir Allold
- Assassination attempt
- Executions of critics/mutants

Raw Magic in Chasm
Temple of the Elk Ruins & Jhod Kavken
Melianse’s Tree
Bokken the Alchemist
Girl who was rescued from the gemstone prison, and who is now the caretaker of Melianse’s Tree

Settlement Options (Village: Stock check 1D6)

Alehouse, Animal Trader, Gambling Den, General Store.

Kingdom Status

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