Jhod Kavken

A fallen cleric & hunter whose faith and prestige has been restored.


What’s his past?
A long time ago Jhod was a village priest who organized a lynch mob to hunt down and execute a werewolf. He got the wrong guy. He was exiled, lost his powers, and was eventually drawn to the ruins of the Temple of the Elk.

What motivates him?
Fear of being wrong and harming innocents again.
Redemption in Erastil and restoring his worship in the Stolen Lands.

What does he want you to do?
Find locations sacred to Erastil.
Strengthen the faith.

What can he do for you?
He’s a fairly powerful priest of the god of hunting (and of the goddess of farming). Kingdom blessings to improve your lands, mitigate harsh winters, etc.


Jhod Kavken

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