Elronnie James Dio

So much to hate, yet so little time...


Race: Hate Elf
Class: Ranger Mage
Level 4

Move: 4
Weapon Skill: 6
Ballistic Skill: 5+
Strength: 4 (2)
Toughness: 4 (5)
Initiative: 7
Attacks: 2
Willpower: 3
Escape Pin: 3+
Wounds: 20
Luck: 1

SPELLS: 2 unique spells per turn.
o AURA OF VITALITY: (Healing) Each warrior on the board gains 4 Wounds.
o SHOCKWAVE: Choose 1 monster and roll a die. On a 3+ the monster loses 1d6+4 Wounds with normal adjustments for toughness. If successful he can attempt the spell on subsequent monsters until an unsuccessful die is rolled.
o SWORD OF AENARION: One monster adjacent to the ranger suffers 4d6 Wounds with no deduction for toughness.
o DUST OF KHAINE: No further combat or magic this turn. Movement rate is halved. Warriors can not be pinned. Lasts entire turn.
o STORM OF VENGEANCE: Roll for all foes on board/in 8”. If ‘6’, or higher than Toughness, monster takes 1D6 Wounds (no armor), is knocked down (+ 2 to hit), and must spend a round to stand up.
o THE HEALER: At end of turn, if no monsters on board, can heal single warrior 1d6 + 4 wounds on a 4-6. On a 2-3 no effect, on a 1, warrior suffers 1d6

Once per Adventure
- WAR CROWN OF TIRANOC: allows the character to freeze time and take another Warriors’ Phase whenever he wishes.
- WAND OF DIABOLUM: +1 to spell casting checks
- WAND OF PORTALS: Create two anchor points for multi-person ‘dimension door’ effect between two locations. Opening command word “Glados”, Second command word “Chell”
- * Broach of Power*. Ability to “carry over” unused Power Die magic points to next round. Not sure what this means for him.

Fevered Description
Born in the year -1539, Elronnie spent his first 300 years as a Shadow Warrior and devotee of Loec. Ensnared by the Tomb King while attempting to recover a powerful artifact for the war, he spent the next 3,200 years locked in suspended animation underground. He is truly ancient and has taken on a ghoulish look from his centuries lost in the crypt. The failure of his mission left him cynical, disillusioned and quite rootless in this alien land. Yet he still burns with a hatred of Chaos and Necromancy, and desires to see if there is any role for him yet to play in the unfolding of the world. Since his awakening, his time traveling with the party has given him a new faith in a new god – Sigmar – of which he has become a recent devotee, thus abandoning his devotion to Loec and the Phoenix King; a fact he has yet to reveal to any of his elven brethren.


Drained of strength by Manticore spike poison and Sea-monster bite or some other shit.

Elronnie James Dio

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