Story Points

Story Points are basically earned for making a better game. They are a way to incentivize players to go above and beyond showing up, drinking beer, and rolling dice. Which is fine! But the days where we all say “Wow! That was great!” it’s typically because someone went a bit extra. Common ways to earn SPs are:

  • Good role-playing, saying things in character, interacting with plots & NPCs from a character-driven perspective
  • Acting out flaws or complications in your character in ways that further the plot or add color in a non-disruptive fashion
  • Having creative ideas that liven up gameplay
  • Updating the Wiki and Adventure Log

Story Points are like narrative karma. They allow players to seize narrative control of the game in little snippets to do things that aren’t expressly allowed by the rules but make sense based on the character and circumstances. The main ways SPs are spent are:

  • Interrupting an Event that would normally resolve automatically or with a simple roll, to instead be resolved with roleplaying and/or skill tests.
  • Use powers, skills, equipment, the environment, and circumstances in novel or creative ways not covered by the rules.
  • To give creative plans that require several narrative elements to be “just-so” a better chance of success.

The greater the narrative control exerted by the player(s), the more Story Points required.


  • An Event says a player is robbed in the night by mischievous gremlins and automatically loses 2D6x10 gold. That player could spend a Story Point for a chance to wake up, or to have been on watch at the time, or for his coinpurse to tear so that he might potentially follow a trail of coins back to the gremlin lair.
  • The players want to use their gunpowder to cause an explosion.
  • A character wants to use his flail to entangle the leg of a fleeing villain.
  • An ambush is contingent on the enemy falling for the bait and approaching from a certain direction.

Story Points

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