Priestess of Shallya

Shallya is the Goddess of Healing, Mercy and Childbirth. In the classical pantheon she is the daughter of Verena and Morr. She is normally portrayed as a young beautiful maiden whose eyes are perpetually welling with tears, but she can also take the form of a white dove. She is an exceptionally important goddess throughout the Old World. People pray to Shallya all the time: when they are suffering from an illness, when they are hoping to have children, or when they are looking for forgiveness for their sins. Of all the gods, she is the only one who most people agree really listens.

Shallya is the most beneficent of all the gods, and her temples provide places of comfort for the sick, the dying, and those without homes. Her clerics are almost always women, and they are trained in the arts of healing and midwifery. Many of the people of the Empire were born in a temple of Shallya; most of them return when they are ill or dying. In the end, it is to the temple of Shallya’s father they go. Followers of Shallya lead a life according to strictures of pacifism and forgiveness, although they have a special enmity for Nurgle, the god of pestilence and sickness.

As an adventuring Warrior, this character most likely belongs to one of the wandering orders who travel to those most in need and provide healing to all. Functionally, this character contributes little to combat but provides much healing and combat support.

Play this class if you:
- Want to be the best at healing
- Want the challenge of playing a pacifist
- Enjoy being loved by most people
- Oppose the god of pestilence and decay

Battle-Level Table

BL Gold Title M WS BS S Dmg T Wounds I A L WP Pin Prayers/Turn
1 0 Novice 4 2 6+ 3 1 3 1D6+6 3 1 0 3 4+ 2
2 2000 Champion 4 2 6+ 3 1 3 2D6+6 4 1 0 4 4+ 3
3 4000 Champion 4 3 6+ 3 1 3 2D6+6 4 2 1 4 4+ 3
4 8000 Champion 4 3 5+ 3 1 3 3D6+6 4 2 1 4 4+ 3
5 12000 Hero 4 3 5+ 3 2 4 3D6+6 4 2 2 4 3+ 4
6 18000 Hero 4 4 5+ 4 2 4 4D6+6 4 2 2 5 3+ 4
7 24000 Hero 4 4 5+ 4 2 4 4D6+6 4 3 2 5 3+ 4
8 32000 Hero 4 4 5+ 4 2 4 5D6+6 5 3 3 5 3+ 4
9 45000 Lord 4 4 4+ 4 3 4 5D6+6 5 3 3 5 3+ 5
10 50000 Lord 4 4 4+ 4 3 4 6D6+6 6 3 3 5 3+ 5

Starting Equipment
Shallyan Anesthetic Stick: A two-handed staff which has the mystical power of granting sleep to those stricken on the head. While it can cause damage, it is usually used for defense. While wielding the staff, she gains +1 WS defensively, but -1 WS offensively. In addition, once per adventure, she may attempt an extra Prayer.

1D6 Superior Bandages: At the beginning of every adventure, roll 1D6 to see how many Superior Bandages the Priestess of Shallya has. These heal 1D6 + the Priestess’s Battle-Level. In addition, if an unconscious character fails their recovery roll, they may try again.

Allowed Equipment
Weapons: Staves only.
Armor: Furs only.
Other: May use any other equipment as if she were a Wizard. Exceptions: Scrolls, Wand of Diabolum, Talisman of Jet, Book of Arcane Knowledge, Tablet of Adain, Wand of Jade, Brooch of Power. Items that provide extra Power Points can instead be used one at a time to provide a +1 to Prayer checks.

Starting Abilities
Favor of Shallya: Ignore Blows 6+ (if she is hit, roll a die. On a 6+ the hit is completely ignored.). Ignore Affliction 6+ (as above, but applies to disease & poison). At higher levels, this improves:

Title Blows Affliction Magic
Novice 6+ 6+
Champion 6+ 5+ 6+
Hero 6+ 4+ 6+
Lord 6+ 3+ 5+

Improved Healing Reward: Whenever the Priestess of Shallya heals another Warrior, she gains 5 Gold + her Battle-Level.

Treasure Swap: If the Priestess has a Treasure Item she can’t use, and the party has found a new item of Treasure that she can use, the Priestess may attempt to force a swap. Make a WP test vs 8 to succeed.

Treat Hardships: If a character has Misfortune Dice from injury, fatigue, thirst, exposure, or other physical source, the Priestess can treat those. Permanent Misfortune Dice are reduced to long-term with one month of care, long-term are reduced to short-term with one day of care, and short-term are removed with one full-round action.

Herblore: Once per turn, you may attempt treat yourself or an adjacent Warrior. Roll a die:
1 – Target suffers 1D6 Wounds
2-3 – No effect
4-5 – Target regains 1D6 Wounds
6 – Target regains 2D6 Wounds

Prayers: The power of a prayer, as the Priestess calls upon Shallya for aid, is linked in some mystical fashion to the power of magic. Each Prayer may only be attempted once per turn, and the total number of Prayer attempts is limited by the Priestess’s Battle-Level, or until a Prayer test fails, whichever happens first. To cast a Prayer, the Priestess must roll 1D6 and add the Power Die. If the total is equal to or greater than the Prayer’s Difficulty, the Prayer succeeds (a natural ‘1’ is always a failure, and a ‘6’ always succeeds).

- Pacifism: The Prayer test is penalized by one for every attack the Priestess made on the previous turn.

- Gaining Prayers: The Priestess begins with the Prayers Martyrdom, Aura of Peace, and Life Bringer. Whenever the Priestess gains a level, roll 2D6 to learn Prayer(s) that are of equal level to one or more of those dice.

Shallyan Prayers:
Level 1
- Induce Coma [2+]: Self or Warrior on the same board section (or within 8") collapses into a trance-like state and appears dead. No Monster will attack the Warrior unless there are no other Warriors left. The Warrior may end this effect at any time.
- Bless Food [2+]: For one turn, any Provisions consumed on this board section heal an extra Wound.

Level 2
- Cure Small Wounds [2+]: Self or Warrior on the same board section (or within 8") heals 1 Wound.
- Minor Ward [2+]: For one turn, Self or adjacent Warrior gains +1 Toughness.

Level 3
- Healing Hands [3+]: All Warriors on the same board section (or within 8") heal 1 Wound.
- Martyrdom [3+]: Choose a Warrior on the same board section (or within 8"). Wounds suffered by the Warrior are instead deducted from the Priestess’s Wounds.
- Cloak of Shallya [3+]: For one turn, will absorb 1D6 Wounds dealt to Self or adjacent Warrior.

Level 4
- Finger of Life [4+]: Self or Warrior on the same board section (or within 8") rolls a die. On a 1-3: No effect. On a 4+, Warrior heals that many Wounds.
- Soothing Voice [4+]: One Monster on the same board section (or within 8") loses an attack.

Level 5
- Heal Wounds [5+]: Self or Warrior on the same board section (or within 8") heals 1D6 Wounds.
- Aura of Peace [5+]: Self or Warrior on the same board section (or within 8") who has not attacked this round. Warrior may not attack or be attacked this turn.
- Cure Affliction [5+]: Immediately cancel any effect caused by poison, disease, venom, etc. on self or adjacent Warrior.
- Cure Madness [5+]: Self or adjacent Warrior recovers from any one from of insanity or phobia.

Level 6
- Life Bringer [6+]: Nominate any number of Warriors on the same board section (or within 8"). Each rolls 1D6. If two or more dice are the same number, no one is healed, otherwise each Warrior heals that many Wounds.
- Resuscitate [6+]: Unconscious Warrior on the same board section (or within 8") is immediately restored to 1 Wound, but loses his next turn.
- Major Ward [6+]: For one turn, Self or adjacent Warrior gains +1 Toughness per Battle-Level of the Priestess.

Level 7
- Resurrection [7+]: Pick any dead Warrior in the game and bring him back to life, restored to full Wounds, and placed anywhere in the same board section as the Priestess. Resurrected character loses all treasure and gold not in a Bank.
- Invulnerability [7+]: Self or allied Warrior on the same board section (or within 8"). The next blow that hits this Warrior, whatever its source, has no effect.
- Shield [7+]: Self or allied Warrior on the same board section (or within 8") is immune to all attacks except those made with a natural 6 to hit or that are magical in nature.

Level 8
- Zone of Peace [8+]: For one turn, no attacks or offensive magic may be made in this board section (8" radius).
- Bloodpulse [8+]: Self or Warrior on the same board section (or within 8") regains Wounds equal to the Priestess’s Battle-Level.
- Banish Fear [8+]: Self and all Warriors on the same board section (or within 8") currently subject to Fear or Terror may immediately reroll those tests (with a +1 against Fear).

Level 9
- Dome of Power [9+]: One contiguous square of the board per Battle-Level of the Priestess is protected by an impenetrable shield. Models may not move, fight, or cast any offensive magic through the shield for one turn.
- Ward of Shallya [9+]: For one turn, Self or Warrior on the same board section (or within 8") gains Magic Resistance 6+. (If the target already had Magic Resistance, it is improved by 1.)

Level 10
- Halo of Protection [10+]: Self or Warrior on the same board section (or within 8"). Roll 1D6 on the beginning of each turn. That many attacks can be absorbed this turn. The halo remains until the target moves, or a 1 is rolled on the halo die.

Level 11
- Heartbeat [11+]: Self or Warrior on the same board section (or within 8") regains 1D6 Wounds per Priestess Battle-Level.

Level 12
- Tissue of Life [12+]: Self and all Warriors on the same board section (or within 8") roll a die. On a 4+, that Warrior is restored to his Starting Wounds.

Options: Alchemist, Alehouse (-4), Animal Trader, Apothecary, Armourer, Gambling House, General Store, Shallyan Convent, Temple.

Apothecary: Sells Bandages (6+, 50 gold), Trance Stone (6+, 300 gold), Minor Healing Potions (7+, 1D6 @ 150 gold each), Major Healing Potions (8+, 400 gold).

Shallyan Convent: At the convent, the Priestess may donate any amount of money, which counts towards leveling up.

Once per settlement visit, she may also offer a donation of 1D6x25 gold to the needy, and praying to the Goddess. Roll 2D6:

2-3 Shallya is not impressed and suspects your motives. You must present a new offering of 50 x your Battle-Level to be admitted to the next Shallyan Convent you visit (or deduct it from your leveling up contributions.
4 Shallya pays you no heed.
5 You are strengthened and gain +1 Wound for the duration of the next adventure.
6 Shallya extends her protection over you. Once during the next adventure you may ignore a blow.
7 Roll twice on the Wizards’ Guild Consultation Table
8 Roll three times on the Wizards’ Guild Consultation Table
9 You are granted a boon. Once during the next adventure, before invoking a Prayer you may choose to have it succeed automatically.
10 Your staff is blessed and counts as Magical, permanently. Furthermore (and each additional time this is rolled), once per adventure you may increase your WS by 1 for defensive purposes.
11 Your staff is blessed and counts as Magical, permanently. Furthermore, it stores 1D6 points of Power at the beginning of each adventure. (Increase by +1D3 each additional time this is rolled.)
12 Shallya rewards you with a special Prayer. Choose one Prayer you already know that affects just one Warrior. You may choose to increase the difficulty for the Prayer by 3 but have it affect all Warriors. (Choose a new prayer each time this is rolled.)

Goodwill: The Priestess is a welcome figure in any Settlement, unlike the majority of Warriors. This means that once per settlement visit, she can ignore a random event and treat it as an Uneventful Day instead.

While in a settlement, the Priestess may forgo visiting any locations to Minister to the Needy. She pays no living expenses, and does not roll for Random Events, instead rolling on this table (1D6):

1 Your attempts to provide succor lead to you being robbed of 1D6x10 gold.
2 You encounter a mob of desperate people robbing a merchant of his goods. You attempt to calm them, exhorting them to leave the man alone and visit the Shallyan Convent for charity instead. Roll 1D6:
1 – It seems you have misjudged, and the mob was seizing a wanted man. Unfortunately, your intervention lets him escape, and you must leave the settlement for your own safety.
2-5 – The crowd disperses eventually, but too late for much of the merchant’s goods.
6 – The people follow your advice and leave the merchant alone. Word of your deed spreads to the other merchants, who pledge a large amount to the Shallyan Convent, and 1D6x50 gold directly to you.
3 While serving soup to the hungry, you attract the attentions of an elderly tramp who is haughty, unappreciative, and pretty much makes it really hard for you be helpful. Make a Willpower Test vs 7. If successful, you keep your vow of humility. Shallya rewards you with 1D6x50 gold worth of experience, and +1 Luck for the next adventure. If you fail, you lose your temper and cannot Minister to the Needy for the remainder of this visit.
4 You encounter a small abused dog in an alleyway. You may choose to nurse it back to health and adopt it, if you wish. The animal has a gargantuan appetite and incurs Living Expenses like a regular Warrior, but at the beginning of each adventure you gain +1D3 Luck while it is in your care.
5 You attempt to treat a victim of a plague. Roll a D6:
1 – You sense evil in this person – they are saturated with Nurgle’s pestilential energies! The cultist escapes, but contact with this sorcerous plague saps your energy, reducing your Wounds by 1 for the next adventure.
2-5 – No effect.
6 – Your prayers are answered and the man recovers. You can 1D6x50 gold in Experience as the man and his family become life-long donors to the Shallyan Convent in your name.
6 One of the people you treat is a local noble. Impressed with your work, and discretion, he makes a donation of 1D6x50 gold to you.

The Priestess must train at a Shallyan Convent. Her training involves prayer and meditation as well as the study of anatomy and herblore, and perhaps a little combat training from the Hospitallers. Training takes one week and requires one roll on the Minister to the Needy table. When the Priestess levels up, she learns new Prayers.

Priestess of Shallya

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