Misfortune Damage

To vary the types of challenges players will face, this houserule introduces Misfortune Damage. Some attacks, Events, and spells may result in a player accruing Misfortune Dice instead of or in addition to regular damage. Many of these are due to short-term conditions: dazing, entanglement, blinding, etc. and are removed fairly quickly as per the instructions of the circumstance that inflicted the condition.

Some Misfortune Damage takes far longer to recover from. This type of damage is called “Attrition”. It refers to all the maladies that take extended periods of time to recover from that magical healing won’t necessarily treat. Lack of sleep, saddle soreness, fatigue, disease, temperature extremes, and more.

Removing Misfortune Damage (Attrition)
Each day spent resting allows a character to make a test to remove a Misfortune Die. Note that any Misfortune Dice a character has are applied to the test to recover! Characters may not count this time as administering to their kingdom duties, travel, fight, or any other strenuous activity while resting.

Make a test using the attribute and difficulty specified by the afflicting condition. Success removes one Misfortune Die. A natural ‘6’ removes two dice – a dramatic recovery!

If in a Settlement, a character may gain a +1 bonus to their roll per 50 gold spent. If a character is in a Village, the bonus limit is +1. In a Town, the limit is +2. In a City, +3. (Note: some buildings, NPC, and abilities may further modify this bonus. Including: consumption of healing potions, use of healing salves, and other consumables.)

If a character is suffering from multiple sources of Attrition, the tests are resolved one at a time, in the order of the player’s choosing.

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Misfortune Damage

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