Verbot Rosabluse

Explorer, Missionary, Zealot, Flagellant


Explorer, Missionary, Zealot, Fire and Brimstone
Level 1

Wounds 11
Move 4
Weapon Skill 3
Ballistic Skill 5+
Strength 3
Toughness 3(4)
Initiative 4
Attacks 1
Escape Pin 5+

Carries Flail (-1 hit, +2 Str, strikes himself on a 1)

Wears jack o plates, +1 toughness

Goes Berserk on a 6 (d6 + slain enemies during combat, +1 attacks). On a one he deals himself 1 damage as well as all adjacent characters, loses turn.

Unshakable Faith – If dealt damage that reduces him to 0, reduce damage by d6 per 2 levels, round up. Must take at least 1 point damage, next round +1 attack.

May preach in town to raise funds for Sigmar, forgo visiting a building, roll D66, gains result in gold, nothing for doubles.

Hostile to Mutants and unauthorized magic. Automatically gets worst result for Witch’s Cave, Pool of Dreams. Never backs down during confrontation events.


Verbot is a short, burly man dressed in the white robes and hood of a flagellant. A rope belts his robes, and wedged under it are a flail and a black-powder pistol. His robes are stained pink on the back. He wears a leather covered jack o’ plates when exploring. Under his robes on his back are blue tattooed words “Lust, Avarice, Pride, Greed and Selfishness”, but they are hard to read because the skin has been ripped hundreds of times and healed in welts and scars.

Verbot Rosabluse

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