Hieronymus Vanderbloc

DEAD - Cowardly, alcoholic, thieving wizard with a heart of gold. Which he stole.


Wizard, Lvl 3


Move 4
Weapon Skill 2
Ballistic Skill 6+
Strength 3
Toughness 3
Initiative 3
Attacks 1
Willpower 4

Health 15
Innate Mana 9
Escape Pin 4+


Each spell may be cast as long as you have Power Points available. NON-ATTACK spells may be cast AT ANY TIME.

  • STING : Level 1 Attack : Deals 1 Wound to any target in 8” on a 4+.
  • FREEZE : Level 5 Attack : D6 Foes with 8” suffer an equal amount of damage, with no deductions for armor or Toughness.
  • FIREHAMMER : Level 5 Attack : Deals 3D6 Wounds to adjacent target.
  • DAZZLE : Level 5 Defensive : Causes all hand-to-hand attacks made against a single foe to only miss on a natural to hitroll of 1.
  • SHIELD : Level 6 Defense : Self or Ally on 8” is immune to all non-magic attacks unless a natural ‘6’ is rolled to hit.
  • RESURRECTION : Level 6 Heal : Any dead Ally is restored to full health and placed anywhere within 8”. The target loses any treasure and gold earned in the current adventure.
  • TIME FREEZE : Level 7 Special : Take an extra Warrior’s Phase prior to Monster’s Phase on a roll of 3-6. On a score of 1 or 2 the spell fails.


  • CHALICE OF SORCERY : When drawing Power to cast spells, you may draw any shortfall from the Chalice. Roll 1D6 per point. For each ‘1’, lose 1D6 Wounds with no armor or Toughness deduction. (Worth 700 gold)
  • ADDICTION : When drawing from the Chalice, make a Willpower test. If failed, must roll one extra die to risk Wounds per Margin of Failure. If succeeded, no effect but the next test is at -1 (cumulative).

Hiero, if that is his real name, comes from a thin and wobbly line of undistinguished charlatans scribbled across the five kingdoms like the epigraph of a drunken sauce maid. As a young man sloshing his way in these dubious footsteps, he managed to survive by mastering the arts of paper hanging, 3 card monty, and sleeping outside on an empty stomach.

As with many who hustle for a living, eventually his luck ran out and he descended into a dark world of drunkenness, criminal entanglements, and debtors prison.

Escaping confinement with the help of the Thieves Guild, Hiero welched on his repayment obligations, fleeing the city in the company of itinerant rat catchers. Following many subsequent close calls with Guild enforcers, Hiero drastically took refuge as a piss-boy working in the Empire’s Bright College of Battle Magic. An unpleasant but ultimately safe hiding place from a certain death at the hands of the Thieves Guild.

Through nine long years Hiero slowly advanced up from dung hauler to gutter cleaner, to boot scrubber, to cloak boy, and finally to library duster where he began perusing the ancient texts out of sheer boredom. Three quick months later he was caught red-handed late one night by the head wizard casting a flawless, self-taught, Sting spell on a passing moth.

Amazed that a former piss-boy could achieve such a thing in just three months of self study, the head wizard continued to allow Hiero access to the magical tomes ‘to see what else he could do’. When two years later, Hiero successfully resurrected a first year student who had accidentally fallen in the ‘Grand Tureen’ one summer afternoon, the head wizard decided Hiero was ready for greater things. Expelling him from the College with a wink ‘to see what else he could do’, the chaotic old codger bade him return ‘when you have 2000 coppers to your name’ to resume his illicit training. And so Hiero passed again into the world, an unlicensed wizard in an unlicensed land.

Hieronymus Vanderbloc

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